Francis, Milly (c. 1802–1848)

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Francis, Milly (c. 1802–1848)

Native-American Congressional medal awardee. Name variations: Princess Malee (Anglicized to "Milly") Francis. Born Malee Francis, c. 1802, in Alabama; died May 19, 1848, in Creek Nation, near Muskogee, Oklahoma; dau. of Josiah Francis (Chief Hillis Hadjo, "Francis the Prophet") and Creek wife; convert to Baptist Church; married; children: 8.

Dissuaded Creek Indians from executing Georgia militia captive, Captain Duncan McKrimmon (1817); after father's execution (1818), surrendered with family to American military in FL, and later declined proposal of marriage from McKrimmon; was found by Major Ethan Allen Hitchcock living in financial difficulties in Creek Nation near Muskogee, OK (1842); on Hitchcock's recommendation, was voted eligible for Congressional medal and $96 annual pension by Congress for saving life of American soldier (1844), but died before receiving either.

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