Framed 1993

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Framed ★★★ 1993

British miniseries about a mediocre cop and a master criminal. Sgt. Larry Jackson (Morrissey) is on vacation in Spain when he spots the supposedly dead master thief/murderer Eddie Myers (Dalton). Once back in London, Larry's assigned the dubious task of guarding Eddie and finding out the names of his associates. Only the sophisticated Eddie starts to dangle temptation in front of the younger man until Larry begins to waver in his duty. Intricate plotting, with Dalton particular fine as the suave, immoral crook. LaPlante also wrote the very successful “Prime Suspect” police dramas for TV. 115m/C VHS, DVD . GB Timothy Dalton, David Morrissey, Timothy West, Annabelle Apsion, Penelope Cruz, Rowena King, Francis Johnson, Glyn Grimstead, Wayne Foskett, Trevor Cooper; D: Geoffrey Sax; W: Lynda La Plante; M: Nick Bicat. TV