Fox, C(harles) P(hilip)

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FOX, C(harles) P(hilip)

FOX, C(harles) P(hilip). American, b. 1913. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, History. Career: Member, Board of Dirs., International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, and Circus World Museum, Baraboo, Wisconsin, since 1983. Director, Circus World Museum, 1960-72; Director of Circus Research, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Vienna, VA, 1973-83; now retired. Vice-President, Circus Historical Society, 1954-59; President, Milwaukee County Zoological Society, 1959-61. Publications: CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Frisky Try Again, 1959; Come to the Circus, 1959; A Fox in the House, 1960; Mr. Stripes the Gopher, 1961; When Winter Comes, 1962; Birds Will Come to You, 1962; Mr. Duck's Big Day, 1963; Snowball the Trick Pony, 1963; When Spring Comes, 1964; When Summer Comes, 1966; When Autumn Comes, 1966; Opie Possums Trick, 1968. PICTORIAL HISTORIES: Circus Trains, 1948; Circus Parades, 1960; Performing Horses, 1961; The Circus Comes to Town, 1963; (with T. Parkinson) The Circus in America, 1969; (with F.B. Kelley) The Great Circus Street Parade, 1978; Circus Posters, 1978; (with T. Parkinson) The Circus Moves by Rail, 1978; Old Time Circus Cuts, 1979; Circus Baggage Stock, 1983; (with T. Parkinson) Billers, Banners and Bombast: The Story of Circus Advertising, 1985; Horses in Harness, 1988; Working Horses, 1990; America's Great Circus Parade, 1993; Horse Drawn Wagon Collection at the Circus World Museum, 1994. Died 2003.