Four Times That Night

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Four Times That Night ★★ Quante Volte…Quella Notte 1969 (R)

Though he's known for his work in horror, Mario Bava also made one sex comedy and it's not a bad little movie, though its appeal is mostly nostalgia. Technically, it's a “Rashomon” story with the events of one night told from different points of view. What happens when Gianni (Halsey) takes the lovely Tina (Giordano) to his bachelor pad? Is it date rape or does she seduce him? The film is still grand stuff for ‘60s fans. The shagadelic apartment must be seen to be believed. 83m/C DVD . IT Brett Halsey, Daniela Giordano, Pascale Petit, Brigitte Skay; D: Mario Bava; M: Lallo Gori.