Forty Shades of Blue

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Forty Shades of Blue ★★½ 2005

Character study set in Memphis in which music industry legend Alan James (Torn), his much younger Russian live-in, Laura (Korzun), and adult son from a previous marriage, Michael (Burrows) are brought together when Alan is given a prestigious music industry award. The film unwinds painfully slowly as each character's flawed motivations and dark compromises are examined. Use of local music is a high point in this Sundance award winner. 107m/C DVD . US Rip Torn, Dina Korzun, Darren E. Burrows, Paprika Steen, Red West, Jenny O'Hara; D: Ira Sachs; W: Ira Sachs; M: Michael Rohatyn, Dickon Hinchliffe.