Forty Guns

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Forty Guns ★★½ 1957

Typically over-the-top Fuller production filled with melodrama, violence, and lots of sexual innuendo. The Bonnel brothers—Griff (Sullivan), Wes (Barry), and Chico (Dix)—are lawmen out to arrest Brockie (Ericson), the nasty younger brother of tough, whip-cracking Jessica Drummond (Stanwyck). Jessica basically owns and runs everything and everyone around her with the help of her hired guns. Griff falls for this western wildcat, making his job more difficult. A climatic shootout helps the movie live up to its title. 79m/B DVD . Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Gene Barry, Robert Dix, John Ericson, Dean Jagger, Eve Brent; D: Samuel Fuller; W: Samuel Fuller; C: Joseph Biroc; M: Harry Sukman.