Follow the Boys

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Follow the Boys ★★★ 1944

Vaudeville performer Tony West (Raft) heads out to California to try his luck and gets a double break when he's noticed by leading lady Gloria Vance (Zorina). Not only does he become a star but he marries Gloria as well. When WWII breaks out Tony's turned down for military service, so he organizes camp shows for the soldiers. They're a big success but misunderstandings have put his marriage in jeopardy. Plot's merely an excuse to have haute Hollywood (including Marlene Dietrich, Orson Welles, Jeanette MacDonald, and W.C. Fields) sing, dance, and tell jokes. ♫Beyond the Blue Horizon; I'll See You In My Dreams; The Bigger the Army and the Navy; Some of These Days; I'll Get By; I'll Walk Alone; Mad About Him Blues; The House I Live In. 111m/B VHS . George Raft, Vera Zorina, Grace McDonald, Charles Butter-worth, Martha O'Driscoll, Charley Grapewin, Elizabeth Patterson; D: Edward Sutherland; W: Lou Breslow, Gertrude Purcell.