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Flickers ★★½ 1980

Uncouth, ambitious Cockney Arnie Cole (Hoskins), wants to go from bioscope exhibitor to owner of his own silent-film production company. But he needs money—and upper middle-class Maud (de la Tour) needs a husband since she's pregnant and being a single mum won't do. The oddball duo make a business arrangement that turns into something more, all the while surrounded by the eccentrics and egotists who are involved with Arnie's new venture. Hoskins and de la Tour are an amusing visual mismatch (she's a stork and he's a fireplug) and a delight as sparring partners. 6 episodes. 307m/C DVD . GB Bob Hoskins, Frances de la Tour, Peggy Wood, Dickie Arnold, Valerie Holliman, Fraser Cains, Granville Saxon, Jim Hooper, Joanna Foster; D: Cyril Coke; W: Roy Clarke. TV