First Daughter 2004

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First Daughter ★½ 2004 (PG)

Ever hear of a flick called “Chasing Liberty” about a president's daughter who wants to escape from her duties and just have a little fun? Well, let's just play follow the government leader. Samantha Mackenzie (Holmes) chafes under the restrictions of being presidential dad's (Keaton) proper only offspring. So she heads to college in California where she tries to ditch her security detail to party with diva roommate Mia (Amerie), getting into some mild hijinks that cause mom Melanie (Colin) to lay down the law (it's an election year), even as Sam gets flirty with faculty adviser James (Blucas). Everyone seems to be sleepwalking (even director Whitaker) as if it's too much effort to pump some hot air into this snoozefest. 104m/C VHS, DVD . US Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas, Margaret Colin, Michael Keaton, Amerie, Lela Rochon Fuqua; D: Forest Whitaker; W: Jessica Bendinger, Kate Kondell; C: Toyomichi Kurita; M: Michael Kamen, Blake Neely, Damon Elliot; Nar: Forest Whitaker.

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First Daughter 2004

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