Into the Fire 2005

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Into the Fire ★ 2005

Ernest, overwrought, and depressing drama examines the crack up of police lieutenant Walter Hartwig Jr. (Flanery) who's with the NYC Harbor Patrol. Bad times ensue when a jumbo jet crashes into the ocean before it can land at Kennedy Airport and Walter searches for survivors. Walter has family issues (including a sister who drowned) that lead him to try to comfort distraught June (Williams) and Catrina (Kanakaredes). 90m/C DVD . US Melina Kanakaredes, JoBeth Williams, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ron McLarty, Lydia Grace Jordan, Ed Lauter, Pablo Schreiber, Talia Balsam; D: Michael Phelan; W: Michael Phelan; C: Christopher Norr; M: Steve O'Reilly, Matt Anthony, Steve O'Reilly.