The Far Horizons

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The Far Horizons ★★ 1955

Meriwether Lewis (Mac Murray) and William Clark (Hesston) lead an expedition to survey the territory after the Louisiana Purchase. Along the way they gain the assistance of Sacagawea, played by blue-eyed Donna Reed. Vintage Hollywood at its “best” takes a historical premise and turns it into comical love triangle that comes full circle—in the White House, no less. Check your knowledge of history at the door, but enjoy the beautiful scenery and some unintentional giggles. 107m/C DVD . Fred Mac Murray, Charlton Hesston, Donna Reed, Barbara Hale, William Demarest, Eduardo Noriega, Herbert (Hayes) Hayes, Lester Matthews, Alan Reed, Larry Pennell; D: Rudolph Mate; W: Winston Miller, Edmund H. North; C: Daniel F. Fop; M: Hans J. Salter.

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The Far Horizons

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