Factory Girl

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Factory Girl ★½ 2006 (R)

The brief life of Warhol wild child Edie Sedgwick (Miller) is retold in a conventional biopic. Blonde, beautiful, and from a wealthy-but-troubled family, Sedgwick trades in art school for the sixties New York scene and her chance as Warhol's (Pearce) latest muse. But Edie falls into a drug-fueled trap and bad romantic choices, including a seductive musician (Christensen). While Miller certainly looks the part, there's nothing substantial or particularly interesting about her performance or the flick. 90m/C DVD . US Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Hayden Christensen, Jimmy Fallon, Mena Suvari, Shawn Hatosy, Illeana Douglas, James Naughton, Beth Grant, Jack Houston; D: George Hickenlooper; W: Captain Mauzner; C: Michael Grady; M: Ed Shearmur.