That Eye, the Sky

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That Eye, the Sky ★★ 1994

Alice (Harrow) and Sam (Fairall) Flack live on a small farm with their two children and senile grandmother. Sam's in a serious car crash and is eventually returned home still in a deep coma. Alice, who's having trouble coping, is grateful when wandering evangelist Harry Warburton (Coyote) shows up on her doorstep offering his help. But is this mystery man offering a miracle or more heartache? Based on the book by Tim Winton. 105m/C VHS . AU Lisa Harrow, Peter Coyote, Mark Fairall, Jamie Croft, Amanda Douge, Alethea McGrath; D: John Ruane; W: John Ruane, Jim Barton; C: Ellery Ryan; M: David Bridie. Australian Film Inst. ‘95: Support. Actress (Douge).