Exton, Clive (Jack Montague)

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EXTON, Clive (Jack Montague)

EXTON, Clive (Jack Montague). British, b. 1930. Genres: Plays/Screenplays. Career: Worked in advertising, 1946-48; Actor, 1951-59. Publications: SCREENPLAYS: Night Must Fall, 1963; (with M. Bragg) Isadora, 1968; Entertaining Mr. Sloane, 1969; Ten Rillington Place, 1970; Doom-watch, 1971; (with D. Hemmings) Running Scared, 1971; (with T. Nation) Nightmare Park, 1973; Legacies, 1973. PLAYS: No Fixed Abode, 1959; Have You Any Dirty Washing, Mother Dear, 1969; Twixt, 1991; Murder Is Easy (Agatha Christie's novel), 1993; Jeeves and the Last of the Woosters, (characters by P.G. Wodehouse), 1993; Dressing Down, 1997. FOR TELEVISION: When Greek Meets Greek, 1975; The Root of All Evil, 1975; A Chance for Mr. Lever, 1976; The Overnight Bag, 1976; Killers series, 1976; The Crezz series, 1976; Stigma, 1977; Henry Intervening, 1978; Agatha Christie's Poirot series, 1989-93; Jeeves and Wooster series, 1990-93, (Writers' Guild Award, 1992); The Long Run Home, 1997. Address: c/o Rochelle Stevens & Co., 2, Terret's Place, London N1 1QZ, England.