Everything Relative

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Everything Relative ★★½ 1996

Seven college buddies reunite and spend a weekend in the country together in this lesbian twist on “The Big Chill.” A bris held by partners Katie and Sarah for their new baby brings the mostly single forty-something women together, and bring out the unfulfilled desires and regrets of the six lesbians and one straight woman. Standouts include Weber as the stunt woman mourning the loss of a lover to a car accident 15 years prior, as well as the relationship between Josie (McLaughlin) and Maria (Negron), the woman who left her to get married and have children, and is now divorced and losing her children in the custody battle. Low budget ($100,000) indie debut of writer/director Pollack is right on the mark emotionally and manages to keep the characters and their stories engaging, but loses something with neatly pat solutions to the intricate problems facing these women. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Stacey Nelkin, Ellen McLaughlin, Olivia Negron, Monica Bell, Andrea Weber, Gabriella Messina, Carol Schneider; D: Sharon Pollack; W: Sharon Pollack; C: Rachel Othmer; M: Frank London.