Everyone's Hero

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Everyone's Hero ★★ 2006 (G)

Reeve completed pre-production on this lackluster animated feature before his death, which is why he's sharing directorial credit (pic is also dedicated to both Christopher and Dana Reeve). During the 1932 World Series between the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs, Babe Ruth's lucky bat, Darlin' (Goldberg), is stolen. Pintsized baseball fan Yankee Irving (Austin) hops the rails, accompanied by wisecracking baseball Screwie (Reiner), to find the bat, stolen by unhygienic Cubs pitcher Lefty (Macy), and get it to the Bambino in time to win the big game. Anachronistic adventure might distract the younger kiddies (the fart and booger jokes will probably help). 88m/C DVD . USD: Christopher Reeve, Daniel St. Pierre, Colin Brady; W: Robert Kurtz, Jeff Hand; C: Andy Wang, Jan Carlee; M: John Debney; V: Jake T. Austin, Rob Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg, William H. Macy, Stanley Irving, Raven, Robert Wagner, Forest Whitaker, Brian Dennehy, Robin Williams, Joe Torre, Dana Reeve.