Elvira Madigan

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Elvira Madigan ★★★ 1967 (PG)

Chronicles the true 19th-century Swedish romance between teenaged Elvira (Degermark), a beautiful circus tight-rope walker, and young Army officer Sixten Sparre (Berggren) who leaves his wife and children to be with her. Exceptional direction and photography and a notable use of classical music by Mozart and Vivaldi. Swedish with subtitles. 90m/C VHS, DVD . SW Pia Degermark, Thommy Berggren, Lennart Malmer, Nina Widerberg, Cleo Jensen; D: Bo Widerberg; W: Johan Lindstroem Saxon, Bo Widerberg; C: Jorgen Persson; M: Ulf Bjorlin. Cannes '67: Actress (Degermark).