Ellison, Joan Audrey

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ELLISON, Joan Audrey

ELLISON, Joan Audrey. Also writes as Elspeth Robertson. British, b. 1928. Genres: Food and Wine, Translations, Music. Career: Microbiologist, 1948-50; Lecturer, Queen Elizabeth College, Univ of London. 1950-54; Information Officer, Norway Food Centre, London, 1966-72; Ed. with M. Costa, Time-Life Foods of the World series, 1970-72; Food Consultant, food industries in U.K. and Scandinavia; Head, Dept. of Nutrition and Home Economics, Flour Advisory Bureau Ltd., London, 1972-78; Secretary, Royal Society of Health, London, 1980-82; International Artists' Management, concert agent, 1987-. Publications: (trans. and ed.) The Great Scandinavian Cook Book, 1966; (as Elspeth Robertson) The Findus Book of Fish Cookery, 1968; (trans.) The Best of Scandinavian Cookery; (trans. and ed.) Norway's Delights, 1969; (co-author) Growing for the Kitchen, 1978; The Colman Book of British Traditional Cooking, 1980; The Bread Book, 1987; Patisserie of Scandinavia, 1989. Address: International Artists' Management, 135 Stevenage Rd, Fulham, London SW6 6PB, England.