Edie & Pen

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Edie & Pen ★★½ 1995 (PG-13)

Tilly seems to be making a career of playing the ditz who's smarter than she seems as she shows here as Edie, who meets Pen (Channing) in Reno where both are looking for quickie divorces. They hit a bar to celebrate and hook up with soft-hearted Harry (Glenn), who's been dumped by his wife. Some drunken life discussions follow and then Edie finds out that her fiance is Pen's cold-hearted, newly ex hubby (Wilson). Slight script, charming performances. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Jennifer Tilly, Stockard Channing, Scott Glenn, Stuart Wilson; Cameos: Beverly D'Angelo, Louise Fletcher, Joanna Gleason, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, Michael O'Keefe, Chris Sarandon, Randy Travis, Jean Smart, Victoria Tennant; D: Matthew Irmas; W: Victoria Tennant; C: Alicia Weber; M: Shawn Colvin.