Edge of Seventeen

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Edge of Seventeen ★★½ 1999

Perceptive gay coming of age tale set in 1984 Ohio. Naive 16-year-old Eric (Stafford) is eager to explore his burgeoning sexuality with the help of college man, Rod (Gabrych). Unfortunately for Eric, Rod's the love 'em and leave 'em type. Disillusioned, Eric tries to remake himself in Brit-pop, New Wave fashion (think Boy George and Duran Duran), while turning to best friend Maggie (Holmes), without realizing the depths of her feelings for him. Eric's coming out tellingly provides confusion not just for himself but for everyone around him. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Chris Stafford, Tina Holmes, Andersen Gabrych, Stephanie McVay, Lea DeLaria, John Eby; D: David Moreton; W: Todd Stephens; C: Gina DeGirolamo; M: Tom Bailey.