East Side of Heaven

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East Side of Heaven ★★ 1939

Denny (Crosby) is hired by drunken Cyrus Barrett Jr. (Kent) to deliver a singing telegram to his crusty father (Smith), who is threatening to take custody of his baby grandson. Mona (Hervey), Junior's wife, is an old friend of Denny's and leaves her son with him to sort out her troubled marriage. Denny's interference costs him his job and his chance to marry longtime girlfriend Mary (Blondell). Meanwhile, gossip columnist Claudius De Wolfe (Cowan) discovers that Denny is actually a long-lost relation of Barrett Sr. 88m/B DVD . Joan Blondell, Mischa Auer, Irene Hervey, Bing Crosby, Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Robert Kent, Jerome Cowan; D: David Butler; W: William Conselman; C: George Robinson; M: Johnny Burke.

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East Side of Heaven

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