Dulles, Cardinal Avery

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DULLES, Cardinal Avery

DULLES, Cardinal Avery. American, b. 1918. Genres: Theology/Religion, Bibliography. Career: Woodstock College, Maryland, systematic theology, assistant professor, 1960-62, associate professor, 1962-69, professor, 1969-74; Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, professor, 1974-88, professor emeritus of systematic theology, 1988-; Fordham University, NYC, McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, 1988-. Publications: Princeps Concordiae, 1941; A Testimonial to Grace, 1946; (with J.M. Demske and R.J. O'Connell) Introductory Metaphysics, 1955; Apologetics and the Biblical Christ, 1963; The Dimensions of the Church, 1967; Revelation and the Quest for Unity, 1968; Revelation Theology: A History, 1969; (with W. Pannenberg and C.E. Braaten) Spirit, Faith, and Church, 1970; The Survival of Dogma, 1971; A History of Apologetics, 1971; Models of the Church, 1974; Church Membership as a Catholic and Ecumenical Problem, 1974; The Resilient Church, 1977; A Church to Believe In, 1982; Models of Revelation, 1983; (with P. Granfield) The Church: A Bibliography, 1985; The Catholicity of the Church, 1985; The Reshaping of Catholicism, 1988; The Craft of Theology, 1992; The Assurance of Things Hoped For, 1994; A Testimonial to Grace and Reflections on a Theological Journey, 1996; The Priestly Office, 1997; (with P. Granfield) The Theology of the Church: A Bibliography, 1999; The Splendor of Faith: The Theological Vision of Pope John Paul II, 1999; The New World of Faith, 2000; Newman, 2002. Address: Spellman Hall, Fordham University, Bronx, NY 10458, U.S.A.