Double or Nothing

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Double or Nothing ★★½ 1937

Lighthearted musical comedy. An eccentric millionaire believes people are basically honest. In his will, he instructs his lawyer to drop four money-filled wallets on the streets to see if they'll be returned. The honest folk get $5000 and a chance to inherit the rest of the Clark fortune if they double their money (legally) in a month, otherwise it goes to a group of greedy relatives. The four (Crosby, Raye, Devine, Frawley) decide to pool their efforts and Der Bingle takes a shot at opening a nightclub while withstanding a series of dirty tricks. 90m/B DVD . Bing Crosby, Martha Raye, Andy Devine, William Frawley, Mary Carlisle, Samuel S. Hinds, Fay Holden, William Henry; D: Theodore Reed; W: Erwin Gelsey, John Moffitt, Charles Lederer, Duke Atteberry; C: Karl Struss; M: Boris Morros.