Don't Come Knocking

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Don't Come Knocking ★★ 2005 (R)

Aging movie star Howard Spence (Shepard) is better known for his life of drugs, booze, and babes. Fed-up with his latest cowboy flick, he literally rides off the set, leaving chaos behind him. Spence heads to Nevada to visit his mother (Saint), whom he hasn't seen in 30 years. She blithely informs him that an ex-flame of his had once come calling with the news of her pregnancy, and Spence tracks down barkeep Doreen (Lange) and their bitter son, Earl (Mann). Seems Spence was more fertile than he knew when he's later accosted by Sky (Polley), who claims to be his daughter. Spence wants another chance but he's pretty much a jerk so it's hard to take any interest. The desert vistas (Utah, Montana) are beautiful, though. 110m/C DVD . US Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Sarah Polley, Gabriel Mann, Tim Roth, Fairuza Balk, Eva Marie Saint, James Gammon, George Kennedy, Marley Shelton, Rodney A. Grant, Tim Matheson, Julia Sweeney, Kurt Fuller, James Roday; D: Wim Wenders; W: Sam Shepard, Wim Wenders; C: Franz Lustig; M: TBone Burnett.