Don Quixote 1935

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Don Quixote ★★★★ Chaliapin: Adventures of Don Quixote 1935

Miguel de Cervantes' tale of the romantic who would rather be a knight in shining armor than shining armor at night. Chaliapin stars as the knight-errant on his nightly errands, tilting at windmills and charging flocks of sheep. Certain scenes were adapted to fit the pre-WWII atmosphere, as it was filmed during the same time that the Nazis were burning books. 73m/B VHS, DVD . Feodor Chaliapin Sr., George Robey, Sidney (Sydney) Fox, Miles Mander, Oscar Asche, Emily Fitzroy, Wally Patch; D: G.W. Pabst; W: Paul Morand, Alexandre Arnoux; M: Jacques Ibert.

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Don Quixote 1935

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