Dive Bomber

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Dive Bomber ★★★ 1941

Exciting aviation film that focuses on medical problems related to flying. Flynn stars as an aviator-doctor who conducts experiments to eliminate pilot-blackout. MacMurray, Toomey, and Heydt perform well as three flyboys stationed in Hawaii. Great flying sequences filmed at San Diego's naval base with extra scenes shot at Pensacola. Warner Bros. released this film just months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Based on the story “Beyond the Blue Sky” by Frank Wead. 130m/B VHS, DVD . Errol Flynn, Fred MacMurray, Ralph Bellamy, Alexis Smith, Regis Toomey, Robert Armstrong, Allen Jenkins, Craig Stevens, Herbert Anderson, Moroni Olsen, Dennie Moore, Louis Jean Heydt, Cliff Nazarro, Tod Andrews, Ann Doran, Charles Drake, Alan Hale Jr., William Forrest, Creighton Hale, Howard Hickman, Russell Hicks, George Meeker, Richard Travis, Addison Richards; D: Michael Curtiz; W: Frank Wead, Robert Buckner; C: Bert Glennon, Winton C. Hoch; M: Max Steiner.