Dinner and Driving

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Dinner and Driving ★★½ 1997

Twentysomething writer Jason (a charming Slotnick) looks like a nebbish but must have something else going for him because he's caught between two babes. One is longtime girlfriend Laura (Devicq), who has pressured the reluctant Jason into a marriage proposal. The other is Grace (Bako), a hottie who was Jason's college sweetie and suddenly makes a reappearance in his life. Jason, who doesn't know if he can commit to one woman for life, seeks advice from his equally clueless friends and realizes that relationships aren't easy. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Joey Slotnick, Paula DeVicq, Brigitte Bako, Sam Robards, Molly Shannon, Greg Grunberg; D: Lawrence Trilling; W: Lawrence Trilling, Steven Wolfson; C: Geary McLeod; M: Peter Himmelman.