Diary of a Lost Girl

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Diary of a Lost Girl ★★★½ Das Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen 1929

The second Louise Brooks/G.W. Pabst collaboration (after “Pandora's Box”) in which a frail but mesmerizing German girl plummets into a life of hopeless degradation. Dark and gloomy, the film chronicles the difficulties she faces, from rape to an unwanted pregnancy and prostitution. Based on the popular book by Margarete Boehme. Silent. Made after flapper Brooks left Hollywood to pursue greater opportunities and more challenging roles under Pabst's guidance. 116m/B VHS, DVD . GE Louise Brooks, Fritz Rasp, Josef Rovensky, Sybille Schmitz; D: G.W. Pabst; W: Rudolf Leonhard; C: Sepp Allgeier, Fritz Arno Wagner; M: Timothy Brock.

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