Diary of a Hitman

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Diary of a Hitman ★★½ 1991 (R)

A hitman is hired to knock off the wife and child of a commodities broker who claims his wife is a drug addict and the infant is a crack baby and not his. The hired killer wants out of the business, but needs to pull off one more job for a down payment on his apartment. Beset by doubts, he breaks conduct by conversing with the victim and discovers the broker lied. Based on the play “Insider's Price” by Pressman. 90m/C VHS . Forest Whitaker, James Belushi, Sherilyn Fenn, Sharon Stone, Seymour Cassel, Lewis Smith, Lois Chiles, John Bedford-Lloyd; D: Roy London; W: Kenneth Pressman; M: Michel Colombier.