Devil's Pond

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Devil's Pond ★★ Heaven's Pond 2003 (R)

Spoiled rich girl Julianne (Reid) impulsively marries her boyfriend Mitch (Pardue) in order to get away from her controlling family. They honeymoon in an isolated cabin, with no communication to the outside world, and Julianne soon discovers that her new hubby has no intention of ever letting her go. This is one newlywed who wasn't expecting the “till death do us part” to come so soon. You'll have to like the pretty lead actors since it's their adventure. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Tara Reid, Kip Pardue, Meredith Baxter, Dan Gunther; D: Joel Viertel; W: Alek Friedman, Mora Stephens; C: Matthew Jensen; M: Brad Kane. VIDEO