Devil in the Flesh 2

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Devil in the Flesh 2 ★★½ Teacher's Pet 2000 (R)

In this sequel to the '98 flick, disturbed Debbie (O'Keefe) escapes from the looney bin and causes the accidental death of the college coed who offers her a ride, so she assumes her identity. Passing herself off as wealthy Sydney Hollings, Debbie becomes infatuated with her writing prof Sam (Garcia), who's flattered by the attention. Except that anyone who gets in Debbie's way is permanently disposed of. Sly humor and O'Keefe is remarkably appealing considering she plays a psychopath. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Katherine Kendall, Jsu Garcia, Jeanette Brox, Bill Gratton, Todd McKee, Christiana Frank, Todd Robert Anderson; D: Marcus Spiegel; W: Richard Brandes; C: M. David Mullen. VIDEO