Decoy 1946

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Decoy ★★½ 1946

Ooooooh—bad girl flick! Margot (Gillie) is the heartless moll of death row gangster Olins (Armstrong) who won't reveal where he hid $400K. So Margot gets rival gangster Vincent (Norris) to agree to help her remove Olin's body from the gas chamber and force prison doc Craig (Rudley) to revive him with a special drug. The plan works—sorta—Olin revives, hands Margot a map, Vincent kills him for real, and they take the doc hostage as they go for the dough. But Margot doesn't want to split the loot, see, so she just happens to run over Vincent several times. There's also a prime double cross as Margot relates her “crime doesn't pay” tale to a cop (Leonard). 76m/B DVD . Edward Norris, Herbert Rudley, Robert Armstrong, Sheldon Leonard, Jean Gillie, Philip Van Zandt; D: Jack Bernhard; W: Nedrick Young; C: L.W. O'Connell; M: Edward Kay.