Dead Gorgeous

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Dead Gorgeous ★★½ 2002

Antonia Ashton (McCrory) is a brazen hussy and a consummate schemer. She's married to boring business tycoon Hector (Cook) while carrying on with hunky professor Vic (Owen). She wants out of her marriage—by murder if necessary. Mousy Rose Bell (Ripley) wishes she could get rid of her drunken, philandering spouse as well. Antonia and Rose—old friends from the war—meet again in a gray 1946 London. Antonia has a plan—she'll see that Rose's husband has an “accident” and Rose will do the same with Hector. Antonia carries through but a grateful Rose is more cautious. Some unexpected twists in this variation of “Strangers on a Train.” From the 1989 novel, “On the Edge,” by Peter Lovesey. 100m/C VHS, DVD . GB Fay Ripley, Helen McCrory, Ron Cook, Lloyd Owen, Jonathan Phillips, Dermot Crowley, Michael Mueller; D: Sarah Harding; W: Andrew Payne; C: Simon Kossoff; M: Jennie Muskett. TV

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Dead Gorgeous

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