The Day the Sun Turned Cold

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The Day the Sun Turned Cold ★★★ Tianguo Niezi 1994

In an apparent crisis of conscience a young man (Zhong Hua) enters a police station and tries to convince a weary captain (Hu) that his mother (Gowa) murdered his cruel father (Jingwu) 10 years before in order to marry another man. The detective eventually concludes he should investigate the supposed crime, which happened in a remote village, but Zhong Hua's accusations naturally stir up a great deal of resentment and anger. There's lots of questions about guilt, innocence, and motives—on everybody's part. Mandarin with subtitles. 99m/C VHS . HK Siqin Gaowa, Tuo Zhong Hua, Wai Zhi, Ma Jingwu, Li Hu; D: Yim Ho; W: Yim Ho; C: HouYong; M: Yoshihide Otomo.