The Day Silence Died

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The Day Silence Died ★★ El Dia Que Murio el Silencio 1998

Into the sleepy, provincial town of Villaserena, Bolivia, comes Abelardo. This charismatic stranger calls himself a “radio operator” and he installs four public loudspeakers in the town square where he plays music and broadcasts the news. He also offers to sell airtime to the local residents, which results in the airing of much private and dirty laundry, causing a good deal of turmoil within the community. And just who are they going to blame? Spanish with subtitles. 108m/ C VHS . Dario Grandinetti, Gustavo Angarita, Elias Serrano, Guillermo Granda, Maria Laura Garcia, Blanca Morisson; D: Paolo Agazzi; W: Paolo Agazzi, Guillermo Aguirre; C: Livio Delgado, Guillermo Medrano.