Dascal, Marcelo

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DASCAL, Marcelo

DASCAL, Marcelo. Israeli (born Brazil), b. 1940. Genres: Language/Linguistics, Philosophy, Speech/Rhetoric. Career: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, instructor, 1964; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, researcher and lecturer, 1967-72; Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel, 1967-76, began as lecturer, became senior lecturer, chair of department of philosophy, 1969-73; Tel Aviv University, Israel, began as instructor, became professor of philosophy, 1967-; Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Campinas, Brazil, professor, 1974-85; Young Persons Institute for Arts and Sciences, Tel Aviv, teacher, 1975-92; writer. University of Massachusetts, visiting lecturer, 1973-74; University of California at Berkeley, visiting associate professor of philosophy, 1980. Manuscrito, editor, 1982-99; Pragmatics & Cognition, editor, 1991-. Publications: Filosofia das Ciencias (title means: Philosophy of Science), 1964; La Semiologie de Leibniz (title means: Leibniz's Semiotics), 1978; Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Mind, Vol. 1: Thought in Language, 1983; Leibniz: Language, Signs, and Thought, 1987. EDITOR: (with A. Parush) Harationali Vehairatzionali (title means: The Rational and the Irrational), 1975; Fundamentos Metodologicos da Linguistica (title means: Methodological Foundations of Linguistics), 4 vols., 1978-82; (with M. Brinker and D. Nesher) Baruch de Spinoza: Kovetz ma'amarim al mishnato (title means: Baruch de Spinoza: A Collection of Essays on His Thought), 1979; Tekstim Filosofi'im, 1979-; (with J. Gracia, E. Rabossi, and E. Villanueva) Philosophical Analysis in Latin America, 1984; Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 1985; (with the cooperation of O. Zimmermann) M. Buber, Sobre Comunidade, (title means: On Community), 1987; Ma? Da!, 1987-; (with O. Gruengard) Knowledge and Politics, 1989; (with A. Cohen) The Institution of Philosophy, 1989; Conhecimento, Linguagm, Ideologia (title means: Knowledge, Language, Ideology), 1989; Cultural Relativism and Philosophy, 1991; (with D. Gerhardus, K. Lorenz, and G. Meggle) Handbuch der Sprachphilosophie, 2 vols., 1993-94; (with E. Yakira) Leibniz and Adam, 1993; (with R. Gibbs and J. Nuyts) Human Cognitive Processes, 1996-; (with others) Eucuentros and Desencuenbros: Spanish-Jewish Cultural Interactions, 2000. Contributor to professional journals. Address: Tel Aviv University, Department of Philosophy, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel. Online address: [email protected]