Darling Lili

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Darling Lili ★★½ 1970

Big-budget WWI spy comedy/musical with Andrews as a German agent posing as an English music hall performer, who falls in love with squadron leader Hudson and finds she can't betray him. A critical flop when first released, film has its charms though director Edwards did much better for Andrews in “Victor/Victoria.” ♫Whistling Away the Dark; The Girl In No Man's Land; Smile Away Each Rainy Day; I'll Give You Three Guesses; Your Good Will Ambassador; Darling Lili; The Little Birds. 136m/C VHS, DVD . Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, Jeremy Kemp, Jacques Marin, Michael Witney, Vernon Dobtcheff; D: Blake Edwards; W: Blake Edwards, William Peter Blatty; M: Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer. Golden Globes '71: Song (“Whistling Away the Dark”).