Darkman 2: The Return of Durant

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Darkman 2: The Return of Durant ★★½ 1994 (R)

The first in a series of direct-to-video adventures about disfigured scientist Peyton “Darkman” Westlake (now played by Vosloo), who's continuing his liquid skin research in the hopes of transforming his grotesque appearance. He finds an ally in scientist David Brinkman but Westlake's nemesis, crime boss Robert G. Durant (Drake), wants the property where Brinkman's lab is located. And what Durant wants, he takes. Sam Raimi, who directed the original film, is one of the series producers. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Arnold Vosloo, Larry Drake, Kim Delaney, Renee O'Connor, Rod Wilson; D: Bradford May; W: Steven McKay, Chuck Pfarrer; C: Bradford May; M: Randy Miller. VIDEO