Danger UXB

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Danger UXB ★★½ 1981

During the 1940 London blitz, “Danger UXB” was scrawled wherever there was—or thought to be—an unexploded German bomb. This miniseries covers the exploits of the Royal Engineers whose job it was, with little training and lots of nerve, to defuse the bombs. Based on the memoirs of Major A.B. Hartley of the Royal Engineers. 660m/C VHS . GB Anthony Andrews, Judy Gee-son, Maurice Roeves, Kenneth Cranham, Jeremy Sinden, Iain Cuthbertson, George Innes, Norman Chappell, Kenneth Farrington, Gordon Kane, Ken Kitson, Robert Longden, Robert Pugh, Deborah Watling; D: Roy Ward Baker, Douglas Camfield, Ferdinand Fairfax, Henry Herbert, Simon Langton, Jeremy Summers. TV