Daalder, Ivo H.

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DAALDER, Ivo H. Dutch, b. 1960. Genres: Military/Defense/Arms control. Career: Harvard University Center for Science and International Affairs, Cambridge, MA, Harvard-MacArthur pre-doctoral fellow, 1985-87, member of study group on international implications of ethnic conflict, 1994-95; International Institute for Strategic Studies, research associate, 1987-88, senior research fellow, 1988-89; National Security Council, director for global affairs, 1995-96, director for European affairs, 1996-97; Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland, College Park, research fellow, 1989-91, director of research, 1991-88; University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs, College Park, adjunct professor, 1991, visiting assistant professor, 1991-93, assistant professor, 1993-95, associate professor and director of international security and economic policy, 1995-98; Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, senior fellow in foreign policy studies. Publications: The SDI Challenge to Europe, 1987; Strategic Defences in the 1990s: Criteria for Deployment, 1991; The CFE Treaty: An Overview and an Assessment, 1991; The Nature and Practice of Flexible Response: NATO Strategy and Theater Nuclear Forces since 1967, 1991; Cooperative Arms Control: A New Agenda for the Post-Cold War Era, 1992; Stepping down the Thermonuclear Ladder: How Low Can We Go?, 1993; The Clinton Administration and Multilateral Peace Operations, 1995; Anthony Lake and the War in Bosnia, 1995; Prospects for Global Leadership Sharing, 1996; Getting to Dayton: The Making of America's Bosnia Policy, 2000; (with M.E. O'Hanlon) Winning Ugly: NATO's War to Save Kosovo, 2000; (with I.M. Destler) The National Security Council: Its Past, Present, and Future, in press; (with P.B. Starnes) Force, Order, and Global Governance, in press. EDITOR: (with T. Terriff) Rethinking the Unthinkable: New Directions in Nuclear Arms Control, 1993; (with F.G. Burwell) The United States and Europe in the Global Arena, 1998. Contributor to periodicals and newspapers. Author of policy reports, conference papers, and book reviews. Address: 9119 Cricklewood Court, Vienna, VA 22182, U.S.A.