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DABBŪRIYYA (Ar. دﱡﺑﺮَﱠﻳِﺔ), Muslim-Arab village in central Israel, west of Mount Tabor. A serpentine road leads from the village to the top of Tabor. First mentioned under its present name by a 13th century Arab geographer, the village has been identified with the biblical Daberath, while legend associates the village's name with the prophetess *Deborah. Remnants of a fortress and church with a mosaic floor, as well as rock-hewn tombs and cisterns, have been found there. In 1961 Dabbūriyya received municipal status. In 1968 it had 2,590 inhabitants, mainly engaged in farming, increasing to 7,690 in 2002. The village's area is 2.8 sq. mi. (7.3 sq. km.).

[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]