Curzon, Clare

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CURZON, Clare. (Eileen-Marie Duell). Also writes as Marie Buchanan, Rhona Petrie. British, b. 1922. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical. Career: Full-time writer. Worked as a teacher, probation officer, interpreter, translator, and social secty. Publications: MYSTERIES: A Leaven of Malice, 1979; Special Occasion, 1981; I Give You Five Days, 1983; Masks and Faces, 1984; The Trojan Horse, 1985; The Quest for K, 1986; Trail of Fire, 1987; Shot Bolt, 1988; Three-Core Lead, 1988; The Face in the Stone, 1989; The Blue-Eyed Boy, 1990; Cat's Cradle, 1991; First Wife, Twice Removed, 1992; Death Prone, 1992; Nice People, 1993; Past Mischief, 1996; Close Quarters, 1997; All Unwary, 1997; Guilty Knowledge, 1999; The Colour of Blood, 2000; Don't Leave Me, 2001; Dangerous Practice, 2002; A Meeting of Minds, 2003; Flawed Light, 2003. CRIME FICTION AS RHONA PETRIE: Death in Deakins Wood, 1963; Murder by Precedent, 1964; Dead Loss, 1966; Foreign Bodies, 1967; MacLurg Goes West, 1968; Despatch of a Dove, 1969; Come Hell and High Water (stories), 1970; Thorne in the Flesh, 1971. MYSTERIES AS MARIE BUCHANAN: Greenshards (in U.S. as Anima), 1972; An Unofficial Breath, 1973; The Dark Backward, 1975; Morgana, 1977; The Countess of Sedgwick, 1980. Address: c/o David Grossman Literary Agency, 118B Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UA, England.