Crazy Like a Fox

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Crazy Like a Fox ★½ 2004 (PG-13)

No, just crazy. Irresponsible Nat Banks (Rees) is the 8th generation to live on his nowimpoverished family farm in Virginia. Forced to sell, Nat makes what he thinks is a deal with some northern land speculators to save the property and allow him and his family to continue to live on it. Instead, the Yankee carpetbaggers plan to turn the farm into a subdivision. So Nat retaliates by putting on a (no doubt original) Confederate uniform, hiding out in a cave, and practicing some guerilla warfare. Probably plays best south of the MasonDixon line. 99m/C DVD . Roger Rees, Mary McDonnell, Robert Wisdom, Mark Joy, Paul Fitzgerald, Christina Rouner; D: Richard Squires; W: Richard Squires; C: Gary Grieg; M: David Kane, Richard Squires.