Cooling, Wendy

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COOLING, Wendy. British. Genres: Children's fiction, Bibliography. Career: United Kingdom Year of Literature festival, Swansea, Wales, coordinator, 1995; WORDPLAY children's festival, organizer, c. 1995-; Book House Training Centre, director of course on children's publishing, c. 1995-; Disney Consumer Products, director of course on children's publishing, 1997; National Literacy Strategy and National Year of Reading, contact person, c. 1999. Former member of the civil service; English teacher, London, England; book consultant and advisor to schools, libraries, and parents; library director; bookstore manager; book promoter; advisory teacher with the ILEA Resources Support Group; head of the Children's Book Foundation; judge of children's literature awards; researcher for literary organizations; freelance book consultant and reviewer; appeared on radio programs. Publications: Finding Out…How to Find Out, 1989; Fame!: Who's Who in History at Madame Tussaud's, 1992; Sandy the Seal, 1994; (with P. Kropp) The Reading Solution, 1995; Books to Enjoy, 12-16 (guide), 1996. Writer of children's guides for the National Trust. Contributor to periodicals. EDITOR: Thirteen! Unpredictable Tales from Paul Jennings, 1995; The Great Automatic Grammatizator and Other Stories by Roald Dahl, 1996; The Puffin Book of Stories for Eight-Year-Olds, 1996; The Puffin Book of Stories for FiveYear-Olds, 1996; The Puffin Book of Stories for Seven-Year-Olds, 1996; The Puffin Book of Stories for Six-Year-Olds, 1996; Farmyard Tales from Far and Wide, 1998; Read Me a Story Please, 1998; Centuries of Stories, 1999; R. Dahl, Skin and Other Stories, 1999; It's Christmas; Simply Spooky; Surprise Surprise. EDITOR QUIDS FOR KIDS SERIES: Aliens to Earth, 1997; Animal Stories, 1997; Bad Dreams, 1997; Ghost Stories, 1997; Go for Goal, 1997; Horror Stories, 1997; On the Run, 1997; Soccer Stories, 1997; Spine Chillers, 1997; Stars in Your Eyes, 1997; Stories of Growing Up, 1997; Stories of Hopes and Dreams, 1997; Stories of Past and Future, 1997; Stories of Strange Visitors, 1997; Stories of the Unexpected, 1997; Stories to Keep You Guessing, 1997; Time Watch, 1997; Top Secret, 1997; Weird and Wonderful, 1997; Wild and Free, 1997. Address: c/o Barefoot Books, 413 Sacket St., Brooklyn, NY 11231, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]