A Cooler Climate

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A Cooler Climate ★★½ 1999 (R)

Iris (Fields) is a middleaged married woman who divorces her husband (refusing any settlement) after she falls in love with another man. When her lover leaves her, Iris has no money and no job skills except her homemaking abilities. Those allow her to become the live-in housekeeper for the wealthy Tanners. But brittle Paula Tanner (Davis) soon finds herself on the rocky road to divorce and unable to cope while Iris discovers her self-esteem in her independence. The men are strictly cardboard but Fields and Davis are worth a watch. Based on a novel by Zena Collier. 100m/C VHS . Sally Field, Judy Davis, Winston Rekert, Jerry Wasserman, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gerard Plunkett, Carly Pope, Peter Yunker; D: Susan Seidelman; W: Marsha Norman; C: John Bartley; M: Patrick Williams. CABLE

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A Cooler Climate

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