A Couch in New York

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A Couch in New York ★★ Un Divan a New York 1995 (R)

Limp romantic comedy features that old standby—oppo sites attracting. French dancer Beatrice (Binoche) responds to an ad for a tempo rary ParisNew York apartment switch placed by a stuffy psychoanalyst, Henry Harriston (Hurt). Henry's patients presume Beatrice is his replacement (he works at home) and the free-spirit begins giving them ad hoc advice. Meanwhile in Paris, Henry's plagued by all Beatrice's heartsick boyfriends and decides to come back early. When he arrives unannounced, she assumes he's a new patient and he's intrigued enough to go along. Lots of yakking, not too many sparks, and a strained artificiality make for a dull mix. 104m/C VHS, DVD . FR BE GE William Hurt, Juliette Binoche, Paul Guilfoyle, Stephanie Buttle, Richard Jenkins, Kent Broadhurst, Henry Bean, Barbara Garrick; D: Chantal Akerman; W: Chantal Akerman, JeanLouis Benoit; C: Dietrich Lohmann; M: Paolo Conte, Sonia Atherton.

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A Couch in New York

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