The Company of Wolves

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The Company of Wolves ★★★ 1985 (R)

Thirteenyearold Rosaleen (Patterson) lives with her parents (Warner, Silberg) on the outskirts of a forbidding forest. The girl, who's on the verge of womanhood, listens to her grandmother (Lansbury) tell fairy tales and dreams of a medieval fantasy world inhabited by men who turn into wolves. An adult “Little Red Riding Hood” that's heavy on dreamy visuals and Freudian symbolism. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Stephen Rea, Tusse Silberg, Sarah Patterson, Brian Glover, Danielle Dax, Graham Crowden, Micha Bergese, Kathryn Pogson, Georgia Slowe; D: Neil Jordan; W: Neil Jordan, Angela Carter; C: Bryan Loftus; M: George Fenton.

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The Company of Wolves

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