The Company 2007

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The Company ★★½ 2007

Miniseries about the Cold War and the CIA based on the Robert Littell novel. Jack McAuliffe (O'Connell) is recruited to join the Agency fresh out of Yale, mentored by cynical expert Harry Torriti (Molina). In postwar Berlin, it's spy vs, spy with the KGB as the CIA tries to find a mole in their midst. McAuliffe is on hand for the 1956 Hungarian uprising—and gets involved with local freedom fighter Elizabet (McElhone)—and eventually is drawn into the fiasco that was the Bay of Pigs. Overstuffs a plot that spans decades and has to rush to tie up its loose ends. 286m/C DVD, Bluray Disc . Chris O'Donnell, Alfred Molina, Michael Keaton, Rory Cochrane, Alessandro Nivola, Ulrich Thomsen, Natascha (Natasha) McElhone, Tom Hollander, Alexandra Maria Lara, Raoul Bova, Ted Atherton; D: Mikael Salomon; W: Ken Nolan; C: Ben Nott; M: Jeff Beal. CABLE

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The Company 2007

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