Cold Heaven

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Cold Heaven ★½ 1992 (R)

Alex and Marie Davenport are on vacation when an accident occurs and Alex dies—or does he? The next day his body disappears and his unfaithful wife begins to have paranoid delusions that he is returning to exact retribution for her affair. But these aren't her only visions, for during the past year Marie has also had religious visions she believes are part of a personal battle with God. Harmon does what he can with his role as the alleged corpse but Russell is uncharacteristically whiny and bland. Convoluted story of marriage, death, and spirituality; doesn't pan out on any accounts. Based on a novel by Brian Moore. 103m/C VHS . Theresa Russell, Mark Harmon, James Russo, Talia Shire, Will Patton, Richard Bradford; D: Nicolas Roeg; W: Allan Scott.

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Cold Heaven

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