Coker, Christopher

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COKER, Christopher

COKER, Christopher. British. Genres: Economics, Politics/Government, Military/Defense/Arms control, Young adult non-fiction. Career: London School of Economics and Political Science, lecturer in international relations. Publications: NONFICTION: U.S. Military Power in the 1980s, 1983; The Future of the Atlantic Alliance, 1984; The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and the New International Economic Order, 1984; NATO, the Warsaw Pact, and Africa, 1985; A Nation in Retreat?: Britain's Defence Commitment, 1986; The United States and South Africa, 1968-1985: Constructive Engagement and Its Critics, 1986; British Defence Policy in the 1990s: A Guide to the Defence Debate, 1987; South Africa's Security Dilemmas, 1987; Reflections on American Foreign Policy since 1945, 1989; War and the Twentieth Century: A Study of War and Modern Consciousness, 1994. JUVENILE NONFICTION: Terrorism, 1986; Terrorism and Civil Strife, 1987. EDITOR: The United States, Western Europe, and Military Intervention Overseas, 1988; Drifting Apart?: The Superpowers and Their European Allies, 1989; Shifting into Neutral?: Burden Sharing in the Western Alliance in the 1990s, 1990. Address: London School of Economics and Politics, Houghton St., London WC2A 2AE, England.